Geological and Geotechnical Exploration/ Mineral Prospecting    

TGC ltd  can confidently boast of possessing some of the most advanced prospecting gadgets in Nigeria and maybe west Africa as a whole. some of these gadgets include

  • GSMP 25 drone mag
  • DJI  Matrice 500 pro drone (customised for mining Prospecting)
  • High sensitive Proton Magnetometers
  • 3 coil VLF receivers and accessory software
  • Authentic VR sensors and receivers with mineral bias
  • High capacity core drilling rigs and mobile rigs
  • Terameter and accessories
  • Ore sampling devices

And other minor equipment that will help us get the best results

Our team of GIS and Mapping experts are also worth mentioning as their services have been extremely reliable.

With the huge deposit of experience found in our expert and leadership team, we have been entrusted with the delicate task of handling quite a number of successful prospecting and mining projects. Both within Nigeria and in Tanzania

Some of these prospects include:

Prospecting of Lead, Zinc deposits in Nassarawa Eggon, Project handed by Vinco Innovations,

Prospecting of Lead and Zinc in Zurak village, Wase LGA, Project handed by MOHA Nig ltd

Prospecting of Lead Zinc in Agere, Awe  LGA  Project handed by Tripple RRR Nigeria ltd

Prospecting of Copper in Abuni village, Awe LGA, Project handed by Galaxy chemicals Nig ltd

Prospecting of Tin in Rimi-Nzem, Toro LGA Bauchi state,  Project handed by Galaxy chemicals Nig

Prospecting of Lead-Zinc in Keana LGA, contract handed by Virgin Field Nig ltd

Prospecting of Lithium in Okpella, Edo state, project handed by Matglodan Nigeria LTD

Among other exploration projects

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